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How to Register for Classes

Learn how to prepare for registration and how to add, drop, and waitlist classes at BYU-Idaho.

Prepare to Register

  1. Resolve your holds.
  2. Find your registration date and time.
  3. Plan what classes you are going to take by reaching out to the Advising Office.
  4. Know how to use Course Search.
  5. Use Course Search to find the class you want to add to your schedule.

How to Add a Class

1) After finding the course you want to register for, click on the add box next to the course code and section of the class you want to add. Then, scroll to the bottom and click on "Add Courses."

The screenshot displays two listed courses with a small square on the left side of the course number. The image shows one of the boxes are selected and a small check mark indicates the desired course. A button on the bottom left side of the image says "Add Courses."

2) If the course is added successfully, a yellow banner will appear, indicating the course has been added successfully. Similar to the image below:

The image shows a selected course remains on the screen which gives the course number and the semester the course is registered for (for example, Winter 2023).

How to Drop a Class

1) To drop a course, go back to the “Add/Drop Courses.”

The imager displays a screenshot for the "Add or Drop Courses" page. A button labeled Add or Drop Courses is highlighted as the correct selection to add or drop a course.

2) Scroll down to Your Schedule (Registered). Select the drop box next to the course/s you want to drop. Then click “Drop Selected Courses."

The image displays a list of registered courses. A small square is located on the left of each course line. Select a course to be dropped by clicking the square next to the course. The square will fill in with a check mark. Once all desired courses to drop are selected, click the Drop Selected Courses button on the bottom left side of the screen.

DO NOT PRESS “Drop All Courses,” as this will drop all your courses (unless you intend to do so).

3) After clicking “Drop Selected Courses,” you should see a yellow banner that indicates the class has been “Successfully Dropped."

A message will show up that says that the selected course or courses are successfully dropped.

4) Please, ALWAYS double-check that the course was dropped by scrolling down to Your Schedule and verify the course is no longer there.

The image shows a list of registered courses. Always check to make sure that the dropped courses no longer appear on your registration list.

Dropping Block Courses

1) If you are registered in both full semester and block classes and you want to drop the block classes only you will need to select the term “Winter 2023 Second Block."

The screenshot shows the Add and Drop screen in the Registration menu. There is a drop-down list that you can choose a semester option. The options include a First Block or a Second Block option. The Second Block option is highlighted, indicating that you should select the Second Block and not the First Block.

2) Now go to “Add/Drop Courses” scroll down to “Your Schedule,” select the courses you want to drop, and click on “Drop Selected Courses."

The image shows a list of registered courses with a small square on the left side of each course. One of the courses is selected, which shows the square filled with a check mark. The Drop Selected Courses button  is located on the bottom left side of the webpage.

3) After, a yellow banner will appear, indicating you have dropped the course/s correctly.

The image shows a message that says that a course number is successfully dropped.

Remember that if you are dropping all your block courses, even if it’s only one course, you will be redirected to a new page (see below).

Dropping All Courses and Withdraw Message

1) When you drop all courses, either all full semester classes or all block courses only, you will be redirected to a new page with a message and three different options.

The screenshot shows three Drop All Classes options: The first is Cancel the drop and return to the previous screen. The second is drop all courses, but do not withdraw me from BYU-Idaho. I am an off-track student. The third option is to drop all courses for this term and withdraw me completely from BYU-Idaho. I understand I will need to reapply for admission if I want to take courses again.

2) The message is simply informing you to verify that your financial aid, student status, or graduation will not be affected if you drop the courses. These are the three following options and how each of them will affect you:

  • Select “Return to Add/Drop” if you do not wish to drop the course/s.
  • Select “Submit Reason and Withdraw” if you want to drop all of your classes and stop being a student at BYU-Idaho.
  • Select “Drop Courses Only” to remain a student and simply drop all courses. If you are completely dropping all of your courses both full semester and block you will be withdrawing from the semester.

NOTE: There is a difference between withdrawing from the university, meaning you will no longer be a student, and withdrawing from the semester.

For any questions regarding your student status or track please contact the Admissions Office at or 208-496-1411.

How to Waitlist

1) If there’s a class that you’d like to add and the class is full you might be able to add yourself to the waitlist. In this case, the class is full and there are 6 people on the waitlist.

The screenshot shows a course list with a square on the left side selected with a small check mark.

2) The following message will pop up with instructions about the waitlisting process. Read through carefully and click “Add to Waitlist” if you wish to do so.

The image shows a message that says "Your registration requires an additional step and or cannot be completed. Please see details below. The details say there are no seats available in this course and you have the option to add yourself to a waitlist. The number of students on the waitlist are also indicated. At the bottom of the screenshot is a circled button that says "Add to Waitlist." Select this button to add yourself to a course waitlist.

3) If you have successfully waitlisted the class, you will see a yellow banner appear indicating you have successfully waitlisted the class.

The images shows a message that you have been successfully added to a waitlist for a selected semester.

4) If a spot opens for you to add the class you will be notified through your school email or a text. REMEMBER, that you will have 24 hours to add the course. You can find the deadline to add the course in the email.

The image shows a screenshot of an email that tells a student that the waitlisted class is now open. There is a deadline to register for the course.

5) Once you receive the waitlist authorization go to the “Add/Drop Courses,” and scroll down until you see your waitlisted classes. Click on “Add Course” next to the waitlisted class you can add. This will register you in the class. If you want to remove yourself from the waitlist simply click “Remove from Waitlist.”

The image shows a student back into the registration menu and looking at the course list. There is an option to Add Course on the left side of the waitlisted class. Next to the Add Course option is an option to Remove from Waitlist.

Important Waitlisting Policies

  • Students can waitlist up to 12 credits.
  • You cannot waitlist two different sections of the same class. The system will kick you off the first class you registered for.
  • Waitlist authorizations are automated. They are sent out at any time and day of the week.
  • Once a spot opens from the waitlist you will have 24 hours to add the course.
  • Missing the authorization deadline will remove you from the waitlist and your spot will be given to the next person.
  • If you are removed from the waitlist you will need to re-add yourself to the end of the waitlist again. Registration cannot resend an authorization or put you back at the top of the waitlist.