What Classes Should I Take?

The classes you will register for will depend on your degree, major, and interests. The Academic Advising Center can assist you with finding courses and planning out your degree. Here are additional resources to find out what courses to take:

How to Search for a Course

  1. Sign into www.byui.edu
  2. Click on Registration at the top right of the screen

    myBYUI heading screenshot

  3. If in the “Old myBYUI” click on the STUDENT tab

    Old myBYUI heading screenshot Student tab highlighted

  4. Scroll down until you see the “Add/Drop Courses” and click on it. Make sure the “Term” is the correct semester you’re wanting to add classes for.

    Screenshot with "add/drop courses" option highlighted and the term selection highlighted

  5. After you click on “Add/Drop Courses”, scroll down until you see “Course Search”. It should look like this:

    Screenshot of course search filter options

  6. Search by Course Code

    There are multiple ways to search for courses. The most effective way to search for specific courses is by the “Course Code”. In this example, we will be searching the course “Career Exploration”, which has the course code “GS100”. You can find the course code by searching the name in the Academic Catalog. The “Class Type” and “Subject” should be set to  All, and the “Course Title” should be left blank.

    screenshot of the course search filter options

  7. Adjusting Search Criteria

    You can change the class type to be either online or day. You can also choose search by general subject or course title. To see only courses with open seats you can choose to exclude waitlisted courses. “Advanced Search”

  8. Select Search and See Results

How to Register for a Course 

  1. When you find a course you want to register for, click on the square under the left  “Add” column, for the class you would like to add, and then scroll to the bottom and hit “Add Courses”.

    screenshot of courses to choose from with the GS100-21 option checked

  2. If the course is added successfully, you should see a yellow banner appear, which indicates the course has been added successfully.

    Screenshot of "GS 100-21 Added for FA 2019" highlighted in yellow

How to Drop a Course 

  1. To drop a course go back to the “Add/Drop Courses”. Scroll down to Your Schedule (Registered). Select the left column “Drop” box, scroll down, and click “Drop Selected Courses”. 

    DO NOT PRESS “Drop All Courses”, as this will drop all your courses (unless you would intentionally like to drop all of your courses). In this example, we’ll be dropping the GS100-21 class that was added previously.

    screenshot of list of courses with the "GS 100-21" option checked and highlighted. An arrow pointing to the "drop selected Courses" option and an X over the "Drop all Courses" option

  2. After clicking the “Drop Selected Courses” you should see a yellow banner that lists the class and says “Successfully Dropped”. ALWAYS refresh your page and go back to “Your Schedule (Registered)” to verify you are no longer registered for the course.

    Screenshot of an add/drop message with "GS 100-21 Successfully Dropped" highlighted

  3. If you are dropping your only course in a block or a semester it will bring you to a new page with 3 different options. Before dropping your last course verify that your financial aid, student status, or graduation will not be affected. Select “Return to Add/Drop” if you do not wish to drop the course.

    If you are registered in other full semester or other block courses, you can select “Drop Courses Only.” It will only drop the course that you selected and will not withdraw you from the university.

    Screen shot of the "Registration - Drop all courses and withdraw" screen.

    For any questions regarding your student status or track please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@byui.edu or 208-496-1411.

How to Add to a Waitlist 

  1. If there’s a class that you’d like to add and there are 0 open seats, you can add yourself to the waitlist. The following section has 2 people on the waitlist.

    screenshot of a class section

  2. This message will pop up with instructions about the waitlisting process. Read through carefully and click Add to Waitlist.

    Screenshot of add/drop screen with "Your registration requires an additional step and/or cannot be completed. Please see details below" highlighted

  3. If you successfully waitlist for the class, you’ll see a yellow banner that appears.

    screen shot of a add/drop message, "GS 100-07 Added to Waitlist, GS 100-10 added to waitlist" highlighted

  4. A notification will be sent to your school email or text when a spot becomes opens up for you. Once you receive your Waitlist Authorization go to the “Add/Drop Courses”, and scroll down until you see your waitlisted classes. Click on “Add Course” under the first column. It will automatically register you in the course. To remove yourself from the waitlist simply click “Remove from Waitlist”.

    screenshot of course option with "Add Course" highlighted

  5. Important Waitlisting Information:

    Waitlist authorizations are an automated process. They are sent out 24 hours a day and all 7 days of the week. The authorization to add the course is only valid for 24 hours and then your spot will go to the next person on the waitlist.

    If you are removed from the waitlist, then you will need to re-add yourself to the end of the waitlist again. Make sure to check your BYU-Idaho email frequently to not miss the 24-hour window. Registration cannot resend your authorization or put you back at the top of the waitlist.

    You are able to waitlist for up to 12 credits. You cannot waitlist for classes that you’re already registered for. If you register for a class that you’re waitlisted in, it will kick you off that waitlist.