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Procurement Training

The Workday Financial Management system assists employees with the procurement of goods and services as well as the payment of suppliers and vendors.


Requisitions allow you to purchase goods and services without using a University bank card. You can create, view, and edit three types of Requisitions in Workday: Search Catalog, Request Non-Catalog Items, and Connect to Supplier Website.

  • Search Catalog allows you to purchase at-cost items from the BYU-Idaho Stores and Receiving Catalog.  
  • Request Non-Catalog Items allows you to make larger or more expensive purchases that might require assistance from the Purchasing department. All requisitions over $3,500, capital equipment, software, or larger volume items mustbe purchased using the Request Non-Catalog Items process. 
  • Connect to Supplier Website, or punchouts, allow you to connect to a contracted supplier’s website (like Amazon and Staples) in order to purchase items at contracted rates without using a University bank card.
Go to Workday Learning for training on Requisitions
Course Title: Procurement of Goods and Services - Requisitions
1. Submit a Requisition- Search Catalog
2. Submit a Requisition- Request Non-Catalog Item
3. Submit a Requisition- Connect to Supplier Website (Punchout)
4. Submit a Requisition- Add from Templates/Requisitions
5. Submit a Requisition- Select from My Procurement Favorites
6. Check the Progress of and Edit a Requisition
7. Approve, Send Back, or Deny Requisition


Supplier Requests allow you to request a supplier to be added to Workday if the supplier is not already listed in the system. The Purchasing department evaluates each requested supplier before approval.

Supplier Invoice Requests allow you to submit a payment request to an established off-campus supplier.

Go to Workday Learning for training on Suppliers
Course Title: Procurement of Goods and Services - Suppliers
1. Submit a Supplier Request
2. Check the Progress of a Supplier Request
3. Submit a Supplier Invoice Request
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