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Data Science Society

Meeting Details
Where: Science and Technology Center - Room 394

When: Wednesdays - 6:00 - 7:00 pm

What: Data-driven projects to build skills and support our community.

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About The Data Science Society

Computer Science

About The Data Science Society

Who is Invited?
Students that are driven by curiosity and interested in how data-driven decisions are made, and those that have an eye for visualization and how information is communicated.

Please visit on a Wednesday night and get connected to our Slack and GitHub accounts.
Purpose of Data Science Society
The single mission of the BYUI Data Science Society is to build employable skills for careers related to data science. This will be accomplished through two primary emphases of the society:
  1. Real-world data-driven projects to support our community and that use the industry tools of data science.
  2. Connecting employers with the society to understand current workforce trends and potential internships.