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Data Science Program

A data scientist is a programmer, statistician, and communicator with curiosity.

Become a Data Scientist

CIT - David Miller - May 2022

Become a Data Scientist

Data scientists are in high demand
Both large and small companies collect and store massive amounts of data. They need data scientists that can provide actionable insight from the data. Data Science is a rapidly expanding field.
High demand for data scientists means better jobs
Globally, demand for data scientists is projected to exceed supply by more than 50 percent. This demand will provide salaries similar to or better than computer science and engineering graduates.

Explore Degree Options

Visit our academic catalog for details on the different options in Data Science.

Selected Data Science Courses

Here are a few of the courses that you can expect to take in the Data Science program:
CSE 250 | Data Science Programming
Develop Python skills for data retrieval, preparation, prediction, and analysis.
CSE 350/MATH 335 | Data Wrangling, Exploration, and Visualization
Use data-driven programming for the handling, formatting, and visualization of messy and complex data.
MATH 425 | Applied Linear Regression
Explore the fundamentals of regression, multiple regression, ANOVA, and the applications to statistical modelling.
CSE 450 | Machine Learning and Data Mining
Explore and implement machine learning algorithms with Python and R.
CSE 451 | Applied Linear Regression
Build big data analytics skills using R, Python, and SQL using current industry tools for big data programming and analytics.
Degree Skills

Data Programming & Visualization

Applied Statistical Modeling

Programming Languages:
  • Python, R, SQL

Data Driven Consulting

Cross Domain Communication

Problem-solving Skills

Industry Leading Tools:
  • Git/Github
  • R-Studio Suite
  • Tidyverse
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