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Quantitative Reasoning Requirements

Quantitative Reasoning requirements ensure that all BYU-Idaho students have a basic understanding of mathematics to graduate.

How to Meet BYU-Idaho's Quantitative Reasoning Requirements

There are several ways to meet the requirement. To find out what category you fall under read the following questions.

If you are a transfer student and completed that university's general education math requirement (typically college algebra or calculus or quantitative reasoning) and that course was accepted as transferable credit, you have met the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for BYU-Idaho.

When your score is received and credit for calculus is added to your transcript, you will meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirements.

When you pass either MATH 221A, MATH 221B, MATH 221C, FDMAT 112, MATH 119 or ECON 215, you will meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

The only way to meet the Quantitative Reasoning requirement is to pass FDMAT 108.

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