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Advanced Writing for Math Students

Writing help for math students.

The Power of Good Writing in Mathematics

Your success as a mathematics professional will include creating reports with complex data that to relate to various audiences. Learning how to write clearly allows you to make logical conclusions, justify answers and processes, and use facts to explain and support your ideas.

How Writing Skills Benefit Math Majors

Good writing can polish your professional skills and help you succeed in your future career. Writing helps you to:

  • Draw clear conclusions to complex data
  • Clarify mathematical concepts and processes
  • Explain data background information and offer clear, relevant examples for data
  • Identify and explain proof methods
  • Explain the significance of a problem
  • Reveal how statistics and other data relate to various groups or audiences

Get Writing Help

Contact the BYU-Idaho Writing Center or resources help to improve your writing and editing skills.
BYU-Idaho Writing Center
Tutors are available in the writing center to help you improve your writing.

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Elements of Style
A small book that defines the essentials of writing clear and correct English.

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Simple & Direct
A book about writing techniques and how to develop strong and distinctive prose.

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