Creating a Centre Square PIN Number

To create a PIN Number, go to and click on set PIN. This number will help you access the building after curfew. To use your PIN, you can swipe your I-Card, then enter in your PIN followed by the # key OR enter in your I-Number followed by the # key, and then enter in your PIN followed by the # key.

Priority Deadlines

Current residents of Centre Square can sign a contract before incoming freshmen and students who have never lived at Centre Square, before the following dates:

Track Date
Winter 2023 5/31/2022
Spring 2023
Fall 2023


Please use the following mailing address:

[First and Last Name]
650 S. 1st W. #[APT #]
Rexburg, ID 83460

All packages will be delivered directly to your door with the exception of any carried by USPS. Mail from USPS is delivered Monday-Friday between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. It is first delivered to the campus and then disbursed out to the buildings. Packages are delivered to your building's main office. Our office staff will then deliver those packages to your door.

Vehicle Permits

Vehicles brought to Centre Square are required to have a parking permit. These permits are on a first-come, first-served basis. Emails are sent out to contracted students with instructions on how to reserve a parking permit. Vehicle permits are $30 per semester and are purchased separately from the leasing contract. Questions about vehicle permits should be directed to You can also find information and reserve a parking pass on their website found here.

Bike Permits

Permits are required for all bikes at Centre Square. Bike registration is through the University Parking Services Office at no charge. All bikes at Centre Square must be registered. Questions about bike permits should be directed to

Meal Plans

Meal plans are not required at BYU-Idaho. The school still offers a variety of meal plans or dining options for students who are interested. For information on these options, please see the Prices & Plans page on the school's website.

Ward Boundaries

Ward assignments and your bishop's contact information can be found at the Wards and Stakes page.

Apartment Living Standards

For guidelines regarding entertainment and media, firearms and weapons, curfew and quiet hours, visitation by the opposite gender, and pets, please refer to BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards.

Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Buildings 1 & 2:  Monday (2-5 PM) & Thursday (12:30-3:00 PM)
Building 3:  Tuesday (12:30-3:00 PM) & Friday (2-5 PM) 

A Property Services employee will show up at your door between those times with a large trash bin to collect trash and recycling. The instructions to ensure trash is picked up are as follows:

For Trash to be Picked up:
Bags must be out of the trash can and tied at the top.
Bags may NOT be left in the hallway.
All boxes must be broken down.
Recycling must be all approved items listed on the side of the recycling bin. Any unapproved items will not be taken.

A Centre Square employee will come to your door with a large trash bin.

At least one resident must be present and place the bags in the garbage bins themselves. If trash is not picked up, Property Services employees will leave a note explaining why it could not be collected on the resident's door.

What to Bring

Clean Checks

Clean checks will be held every other week as per the schedule listed below.

Clean Check Schedule

Use these links to download the weekly clean check schedule.

Weekly Clean Checks

Use these links to download PDF forms to use throughout the semester.

End of Semester Clean Checks

Use these links to download PDF forms to use at the  end of the semester.