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Student Living

Student Living helps promote unity, love, and inclusion by getting students involved in activities with Wards and Home Evening groups.
Reservations are available for home evening groups for Monday evening activities.
Helpful resources for ward leaders, student living lessons, and planning home evening activity.
Resources to help make your apartment home for you and your roommates.
Learn what service and leadership opportunities are available through the Student Living program.

More about Student Living

Student Living is a school facilitated program operated by students. The goal of Student Living is to improve student life by teaching the principles of love, shared responsibility, and mutual respect. Student Living sponsors training, activities, and events to promote these principles.

Student Living participates in a variety of ways on campus, including interactive booths, activities, challenges, and more.

Student Living provides training and resource material for Home Evening coordinators and group leaders.

Student Living works with ward and stake leaders to promote a sense of love and unity within the ward and general student body.

Student Living helps promote happy and healthy roommate environments.

Student Living: A Pattern for Becoming Like the Savior

President Clark G. Gilbert explains how every practice, activity, program, and innovation at BYU-Idaho is focused on helping students become more like the Savior Jesus Christ.