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New Students

Welcome to BYU-Idaho. Learn more about single student approved housing, contracts, living with roommates, apartment living standards, and parking.

Single Student Approved Housing

BYU-Idaho students admitted to a track and Online students may live in approved housing. Pathway and Continuing Education students are not eligible for approved housing.

  • All students under the age of 27 must live in approved housing unless they live at home with their parents.
  • Students who remain in Rexburg and the surrounding area during their off-track must also live in approved housing.
  • Students may not live in approved housing prior to their start date.


All approved housing complexes utilize the same housing contract. Take the necessary time to read and understand the terms of your contract. The following are a few examples:

  • Be aware of the time-frame of the contract. Is it for one semester or more? Can you stay in between semesters? Find the contract that best suits your needs.
  • Determine whether you are signing an application or a contract. The contract requires a signature in four different places. An application simply asks for demographic information and preferences.
  • Pay attention to deposit amounts, payment due dates, cancellation dates, cancellation or transfer fees, and other fees.
  • You are responsible to maintain your student eligibility. If a students loses his/her eligibility for any reason, he/she may not live in approved housing but is still responsible for full payment of his/her contract if the cancellation date is past or a suitable replacement cannot be found.


Find information about city parking permits.

BYU-Idaho is a walking campus. Nearly 90% of all approved housing properties are within two blocks of campus. Shopping is a little further away and the recreation of Southeast Idaho is fantastic. If you bring a car, here are some things to consider:

  • Most approved housing requires a parking permit and there is often a limited number of parking spots available so sign up early. Be aware of parking restrictions at all properties you visit and inform your guests of these restrictions as well.
  • Overnight street parking is permitted during spring and most of the fall semesters. However, there is not overnight street parking from December 15 through March 1.
  • If you are unable to get a parking permit for the complex in which you live, you may be able to purchase a city permit.

Student Living

Student Living teaches, encourages, and inspires students to take more responsibility for themselves, roommates, and neighbors in the apartment complex. The three guiding principles of Student Living are:

  1. Love - genuine love and concern for one another invites the spirit and fosters unity in the apartment.
  2. Shared Responsibility - roommates share responsibility for creating an atmosphere of righteous living and obedience within the apartment.
  3. Mutual Respect - roommates live the Golden Rule and value one another as sons and daughters of God.

Apartment Living Standards

"We do not need more or better enforcement. We simply need more obedience. You can read and understand these codes; that is all the should be necessary. An endless checklist of what can and cannot be done, what can and cannot be worn, is contrary to the spirit of the honor code."
- In the Path of Their Duty, David A. Bednar, BYU-Idaho Devotional, Sept. 1998

BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards help to preserve the university's integrity and ensure students' physical safety and spiritual well-being.

Apartment Living Standards