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Apartment Living Standards

Apartment living standards promote the physical and spiritual well-being of each student.

BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards exist to facilitate and advance the mission of the university and promote the physical safety and spiritual well-being of each student.

The BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards explicitly include the tenets of the Honor Code and the principles found in For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices. The following sections are not intended to restate standards that students have already committed to uphold, but rather address unique conditions and standards specific to BYU-Idaho approved housing and single student apartment life.

Entertainment and Media

Students are responsible to filter and block material that is suggestive, vulgar, immoral, violent, illegal, or pornographic in any way.

All other media (visual or otherwise) in the apartment should be in harmony with the principles taught in For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices.


The CES Honor Code commits students to abstain from alcoholic beverages. The possession of any alcoholic beverage (open or closed) in the apartment is prohibited.

Firearms and Weapons

Firearms, ammunitions, explosives, hunting bows, knives, swords, martial arts weapons, BB guns, pellet guns, paint-ball guns, and any other device capable of inflicting injury or damaging property are prohibited on the premises of approved housing properties and in all approved housing apartments, including managers’ apartments.

Facsimiles or likenesses of firearms or dangerous weapons are also prohibited.


  • Students should be in their own apartments by midnight (12 a.m.) Saturday through Thursday nights and 1 a.m. on Friday nights.
  • Apartment visitors must leave in time to arrive at their own apartments by curfew.

Visitors of the Opposite Sex

  • Men and women may visit apartments of the opposite sex as long as at least three people are present (two men and one woman or two women and one man).
  • Men and women may visit each other’s apartments between 10 a.m. and curfew.
  • Visitors of the opposite sex:

    • Must remain in the living room and/or kitchen.
    • Are not allowed in bedrooms at any time.
    • Are not allowed to stay overnight in the apartment.
    • Are not allowed to use the shower at any time.
  • When a public restroom is not readily available, and with the consent of the roommates, visitors of the opposite sex may use the bathroom in the apartment.