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1098-T Form

IRS 1098-T Form

  • The IRS Form 1098-T is an information form that colleges and universities are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The IRS Form 1098-T reports amounts paid of qualified tuition and related expenses, as well as other related information.
  • There is no need to attach Form 1098-T to your tax return.
  • There is no IRS requirement that you must claim education credits. Claiming education tax benefits is a voluntary decision for those who may qualify.
  • Students from outside the United States should review the International Students section of this page for important information. Most international students do not need Form 1098-T for any purpose.
  • Every BYU-Idaho student who is a U.S. citizen and whose student account had financial transactions post to it during the calendar year will have online access to their Form 1098-T or receive it in paper form in late January/early February.

Get a Copy of Your 1098-T Form

1098-T will be available on January 31

The current year's form, in addition to two prior years, is available to download online. You can access your Form 1098-T online using the link below. If you need prior years that are not available online, you will need to request the form below.

With Online 1098-T access, you can print your own tax form whenever you need it. Students who have not signed up for online access by mid-January will receive a paper copy of their form in the mail. That form will be mailed to the student's mailing address on record around the last week in January. BYU-Idaho will not supply any additional paper copies of Form 1098-T. To obtain a duplicate, you can download it online by clicking the link below.

Possible reasons why your 1098-T is not available for access:

  1. You didn't attend school during that year.
  2. You are an international student and need to request the 1098-T directly from Accounting Services. 
  3. You are a U.S. citizen, but your name and Social Security number combination does not match what is on record with the Social Security Administration. 
  4. You are a U.S. citizen, but your citizenship status in your student information shows "unknown."

Understanding Your 1098-T Form

1098-T Box Descriptions

Box 1: Qualified tuition and related expenses that have been paid. (Starting in 2018, this box will be used)

Box 2: Starting in 2018, this box is no longer used.

Box 3: Change in reporting method. (This box will be used in 2018 because of the change in reporting in Box 1 instead of Box 2)

Box 4: Adjustments made for a prior year -This is for adjustments to qualified tuition and related expenses for any period prior to the calendar year for the form.

Box 5: Scholarships or grants -This box shows the net amount of certain forms of educational assistance that were received or applied to our student account during the calendar year for the form, regardless of the semester for which the funds originally were intended.

  • BYU-Idaho scholarships and grants
  • Off campus scholarships and grants
  • Third party billing arrangements
  • Waivers

Box 6: This is for adjustments to scholarships and grants that were granted any time prior to the calendar year for the form.
Box 7: This box is checked if the amount in Box 1 includes amounts for an academic period beginning January-March 2019.

Box 8: If this box is checked, then the student was enrolled at least half time for at least one semester during the calendar year for the form.

Box 9: BYU-Idaho does not enroll students to graduate programs. This box will not be checked.

Box 10: NOT USED