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Purchase Policy


All purchases of goods or services over $2,500 must be processed through the Purchasing and Travel Department. If the buying department wishes to use the Purchasing Department for items under $2,500, the same procedures apply.


  1. Purchase Requisitions can be completed by accessing the Workday Financial Management system. 
  2. Purchase Requisitions are completed by the requesting Department with the information required including budget steward authorization, account code information, item description, requested delivery date, etc.
  3. Purchase of Capital Equipment (category code 8400) must be approved by the Budget Officer. After approval, requisitions will be forwarded to Purchasing and Travel Management Services. Computer equipment purchases should be purchased according to the hardware acquisition policy.
  4. For purchases from $0 - $2500 selection can be made by requester by determining the best value to the University. No quotations are required, but comparison pricing is suggested.
  5. The Purchasing Department will process the requisition as follows for non-contracted items:
    1. Purchases from $2500 - $5000 require a purchase requisition, purchase order and two or more verbal quotations. When competing quotations are not available documentation must include an explanation.
    2. All purchases over $5000 require a purchase requisition, purchase order and two or more written quotations. When competing quotations are not available documentation must include an explanation.
  6. Purchases made in the following categories do not require Purchasing Department involvement:
    -All purchases under $2,500 -Petty cash purchases -Real estate
    -Taxes -Postage -Payroll
    -Conference & seminar fees -Insurance -Dues & membership
    -Selected outside professional services (architects, engineers, doctors, etc.) -Magazine advertising or newspaper subscriptions -Purchasing Card use
    -Construction work awarded by Facilities Planning/Construction (not including owner-furnished items) -Utilities that are not related to a negotiated contract -Contracted purchases described below in paragraph 8
  7. When purchases are made under a contract, the contract number should be referenced as documentation for these transactions. Purchasing and Travel Management Services personnel can make theses purchases according to the authorized levels; however, any purchases over $100,000 must receive approval through the BYU-Idaho and C.E.S approval and appropriation process.
  8. Contracted purchases can be made without the involvement of Purchasing & Travel Management Services if the guidelines listed below are followed:
    • Approval has been given by the Supervisor of the budget steward and the Director of Purchasing & Travel Management Services within an identified dollar amount;
    • Purchases are made according to the contract terms and conditions;
    • The contract number is referenced on the invoice.
  9. Emergency purchases can be made by contacting a Purchasing representative and obtaining authorization. Emergency purchases are classified as situations where life or safety is at risk and where purchases must be made to eliminate or reduce this risk.
  10. When Purchasing and Travel Management Services has placed the order with a vendor, a copy of the Purchase Order (PO) will be sent to the requesting department. The department should place the PO in an Open File for reference when the items are received and when the charge appears on the accounting reports.
  11. When using the University Purchasing Card, policies governing these purchases must be followed (see