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Disability Accommodations Grievance Procedures

Students going to and from classes on BYU-Idaho campus.

Faculty members and individual campus administrative units are responsible for making reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in order to remove barriers to the accessibility of University programs and activities resulting from a disability. They are encouraged to contact the Accessibility Services Office in the Manwaring Student Center 181, phone 208-496-9210, for general accommodation assistance for students with disabilities. While it is anticipated that most accommodation requests will be informally resolved at the lowest level of decision-making feasible, occasionally, the effort of accommodation may be unsatisfactory to the student. In such cases, the student may initiate a grievance by submitting a written request for a specific accommodation together with appropriate medical or other documentation to the Dean of Students or the Director of Human Resources (if it is an employment issue), who are the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinators. (See Student Academic Grievance Policy and Student Non-discrimination Policy for non-disability grievances).

As the ADA Coordinator, the Dean of Students (Kimball Building 290, phone 208-496-9200) or the Director of Human Resources (Kimball Building 226, phone 208-496-1700), will make a preliminary investigation of the facts and circumstances of the matter by meeting with the affected individuals and campus entities. The purpose of the meeting is to reach a consensus on reasonable accommodation. If a reasonable accommodation is made, the ADA Coordinator documents the resolution by sending a written summary to all involved parties.

In cases where an agreement satisfactory to all of the parties involved is not reached, the Vice-President of Student Life and Communications shall make the final University determination with respect to the requested accommodation.