Instruction for employers to recruit and hire BYU-Idaho students.

Student Availability

There are a number of ways you can seek out and recruit our students. Following are a couple things to consider.

Unlike most schools, BYU-Idaho holds three semesters a year. This allows you to have interns year-round. Students are available for internships in the following timeframes:

  • January - Mid-April
  • May - September
  • Mid-July - mid-December

It also means we hold three graduations each year, providing you with more opportunities to take on new full-time staff. Graduations are held in the middle of the following months, April, July, and December.


Employers can recruit in a variety of ways:

  • Present at a Seminary held every Thursday. Presenters share industry trends, case studies, or a challenge and how it was overcome. In the evening of the day of the presentation, an “info session” is held to share with students information about the company, benefits, job opportunities, and other such items. Students sign up for interviews that are held the next day.
  • Attend the Construction Management Banquet and Career Fair in October of each year. Meet and greet students in the evening and interview in the following day.
  • Attend the Construction Management Golf Tournament each April. You will be joined by three students and play in a group of four. This is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with a few students in a casual environment. The event can be combined with an Information Session about your company and interviews.
  • Visit campus to hold an Information Session in the evening and interviews the following day.
  • Post job openings on the campus jobs board. Send an email to Design and Construction management Department with job details, which will be delivered to students in the department’s weekly e-news letter.