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Department of Design and Construction Management
Study Construction Management and Architectural Design in a student-oriented environment.

Envision, Design, Build

Department of Design and Construction Management

The Department of Design and Construction Management helps students gain the knowledge and skills they need to pursue advanced studies in architecture or obtain challenging employment opportunities within the construction industry.

The architecture and construction industries are seeking individuals who can:

1.) Imagine great beneficial things for our built environment,
2.) Correctly organize and represent graphically or schematically those ideas to others through traditional or computer aided means, and
3.) Select the materials, means, and methods to help these dreams become physical realities. If you are such a person, one of these degree paths is for you.

The Design and Construction Management faculty are dedicated to help you discover your passion and prepare to make a very positive and meaningful contribution within your chosen profession. They believe it is important to prepare you to make an immediate contribution to your chosen profession. Students access a depth of experience provided by faculty who have real-world architecture and construction experience working on all kinds of buildings such as high-tech manufacturing facilities, a wide variety of commercial buildings, many residential types, temples and churches, school campuses, etc.