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Design & Construction Expeditions

Visit construction companies from all over the country!

Gain real life experience

Architecture Construction instructor Dave Barker discusses model design with Jared Bauch(yellow) and Blake McBride in blue.

Each semester, the Design & Construction Management Department invites architecture and construction management students to participate in an expedition trip. These expeditions are a prestigious resource to find internships, full-time employment, or networking opportunities.

Students are selected and invited based on grades, year in school, participation in the Design and Construction Management Society, and ties to the expedition area.

The number of students invited depends on the expedition destination. For local expeditions within driving distance, about 20 students can attend. When traveling farther, six students are usually invited.

Past Expeditions
Past expeditions have included companies located in:

Denver, Colorado | Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon | San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California | Phoenix, Arizona
Dallas, Texas | Salt Lake City, Utah
Boise, Idaho