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Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Education (HOPE) Council

The HOPE Council is a student-led group aiming to build and improve psychological resilience in BYU-Idaho students. We provide mental health education, reduce mental health stigmas, and advocate students’ wants and needs to the Counseling Center.

Ways to Participate

Two employee advisors and five student SOAR council members smile pose for a photograph.

HOPE Volunteers

Volunteers participate by helping to manage special events and weekly tables. As a volunteer, you will commit to participate in at least 2-4 events or tables each semester. Volunteers will also communicate through Microsoft Teams in an effort to coordinate these activities.

HOPE Council

Council members will attend a weekly meeting on Fridays at 2:00 pm to plan and coordinate special events and weekly tables. Part of being a council member includes a commitment to also volunteer at events and tables.

Get Involved
Apply to be a HOPE volunteer and help make a difference.

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