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Group Therapy Checklist

Complete this checklist to see if Group Therapy is the right form of treatment for you.


To see if group is a good fit, place a checkmark next to any of the statements that apply to you, even if only sometimes:

1. ___ I feel isolated.

2. ___ I struggle with my relationships.

3. ___ I am shy.

4. ___ I am easily embarrassed.

5. ___ I have trouble communicating.

6. ___ I have the desire to connect with others like me.

7. ___ I have concerns about my interpersonal skills.

8. ___ I would like to better understand myself.

9. ___ I want to learn other ways to deal with problematic situations.

10. ___ I have the desire to give and receive support in regards to personal matters.

If you checked even one of the boxes, group is probably a good place for you.