Emergency Contact: For imminent concerns,  contact our 24-hour hotline at  (208) 496-HELP or (208) 496-4357

Spring Semester 2020 Counseling Center Policies and Procedures as a result of COVID-19

We are doing our best to be good community citizens and are following the recommendations of our church and government leaders to avoid face-to-face contact wherever possible.  Given these recommendations, all services will be provided online until further notice. Please, do not come to the Counseling Center to schedule services or for your appointment.  We care deeply for you and want to provide support.  

The Counseling Center will start Spring Semester providing all services via TAO video conferencing or phone. Services will only be scheduled over the phone by contacting the front desk at 208-496-9370. Find a safe and confidential space where you can speak openly and help us make the best plans for your continued care.

Given legal restrictions, we are only able to provide services to students residing in Idaho.

To be eligible for services Spring Semester students must be assigned to a track and enrolled in classes.

As the semester progresses, please refer to this section for any updates regarding Counseling Center Policies and Procedures.

Additional Resources

BYU-Idaho Wellness Center and BYU-Idaho Counseling Center have teamed up to provide two Mental Health Wellness Workshops*


FEAR-less Emotion Management: A 45-minute Zoom workshop with Dallas L. Johnson, Ph.D., held at 2:00 p.m. each Tuesday starting April 28th until July 21st (excluding May 26th). In this workshop, you will learn how stress is the body’s response to physically and emotionally threatening circumstances. You will learn to distinguish healthy stress responses from the unhealthy stress responses that contribute to anxiety, depression, trauma, and suicide ideation. You will learn strategies to decrease unhealthy stress responses in order to improve your overall well-being.

Use https://taoconnect.zoom.us/j/492558450?pwd=bW1KUG9CMUpuL2VXM20zSS9oNCtNdz09 to participate in the workshop.

Contact the Counseling Center Front Desk at 208-496-9370 with any questions.

You can also learn more about FEAR-less Emotion Management at https://sites.google.com/view/fear-less


Stress and Anxiety Management: A 45-minute Zoom workshop with Ben Rolph, LMFT, held at 3:15 p.m. each Wednesday starting April 29th until July 22nd.  This workshop is geared toward helping students learn healthy ways to manage and reduce physical, mental, and emotional tension in a variety of settings and situations.

Use https://byui.zoom.us/j/92430793844 to participate in the workshop. Contact the Counseling Center Front Desk at 208-496-9370 with any questions.


*Note: Please be aware that workshops are not therapy. They are self-help classes. If you are looking for personal mental health therapy or personal advice please contact the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center (208-496-9370) to schedule to meet with a mental health provider. If you need emergency help please use one of the following resources:

·         If you are in Idaho Call 211 to connect with the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: The hotline provides crisis intervention, emotional support, resource referrals, linkages to local services, and follow-up for all Idahoans, including those at risk for suicide and their families and loved ones. You could also text the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline at (208) 398-4357.

·         If you are not in Idaho call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

·         Or; Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


For questions regarding these workshops please contact: Jacy Larson (Social Work Intern) casemanager@byui.edu; Dallas L. Johnson johnsondal@byui.edu, or Ben Rolph rolphbe@byui.edu