Communication on behalf of the University needs to follow brand standards, templates, and other messaging guidelines. All communication must be approved before publishing.

Get Started

Allow two business days to receive feedback. Most approvals are simple and quick, but sometimes adjustments are required before approval can be given.

In order to start the process, please use the appropriate approval form below.

Common Errors that Prevent Approval

  • Inappropriate, rude, insulting, or crude content is used.
  • Imagery displays dress and grooming inconsistent with the Honor Code.
  • Improper grammar or spelling errors.
  • Individuals and/or spokespeople in your advertisement are not representatives of your message, or the University's standards.
  • Advertisements do not follow the guest speaker policy 1-4.
  • Inappropriate use of University branding elements.
  • The University logo is low quality, modified, or placed incorrectly within a template.
  • The template has been changed or the essential branding elements are missing.
  • Use of an unapproved department logo.
  • Copyright permissions have not been obtained (music, live broadcasts, photos, videos, etc.). This includes receiving permission from the Church Intellectual Property Office to use the Church's logo, pictures of General Authorities or Temples, quotes, or other Church-owned materials.
  • Release forms have not been used.