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Medical Deferment

The medical deferment is used to help students deal with medical issues that prevent attendance during an assigned semester.

Conditions & Qualifications

Students must be admitted to, and have attended, their first semester at BYU-Idaho.
Deferments of any type may not be used in consecutive semesters.
Students who have an Honor Code restriction or did not attend their previous on-track semester do not qualify.
Students who plan to interrupt their studies for more than one semester should contact BYU-Idaho at (208) 496-1411 to discuss enrollment options.
Students must have a current ecclesiastical endorsement on file with the Student Honor Office in order to defer.
Following the deferred semester, students must re-enroll at the university for the next available semester of their assigned track.

Instructions to the Applicant

A student checking in at the front desks of the Student Health Center

Instructions to the Applicant

-Complete the online Medical Deferment Form

-If you are currently registered for classes in the semester you want to defer, do not drop your classes until instructed to do so in the deferment process. When you drop your classes, remember to select the option that indicates you plan to re-enroll. This will allow you to complete the deferment process correctly.

-Please be aware that you will need to have a current ecclesiastical endorsement in order to register for the next semester of your track. We encourage you to contact the Student Honor Office at (208) 496-9300 to find out when your current endorsement will expire.

-Deadline: The last day to withdraw from school and receive "W" grades and not the grades earned. For specific dates, please see the academic deadlines at

-You will be notified by email when a decision has been made.