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Military Readmission Policy

In accordance with Public Law 110-315 enacted August 14, 2008 (Higher Education Opportunity Act), Brigham Young University-Idaho will provide readmission services to former students as follows:

1. Students having missed more than one semester of their assigned track at BYU-Idaho for military service must reapply for admission to BYU-Idaho via On Part 1: Applicant Information > Identification, the student is asked to indicate if he/she is a veteran of the U.S. armed forces. Please ensure this question is answered appropriately.
2. If a student is applying for readmission after established deadlines for the requested semester of enrollment have passed, the student should contact BYU-Idaho at (208) 496-1411 to ask about application deadline flexibility for military veterans and personnel. If necessary, documentation of the applicant's military service may be requested at that time as outlined in the legislation of the law mentioned above.
ROTC student doing an army crawl on the ground West of R Mountain.

Brigham Young University-Idaho will not knowingly deny any applicant on the basis of his/her application for membership in, or service in or related to the United States Armed Forces. However, all other admission requirements including academic requirements, personal worthiness, etc. must be met in order for the student to be admitted to the University. For a PDF Screen Reader download: Adobe Reader.

Full text of this legislation

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