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Academic Evaluation

Accepted Academic Evaluators

We accept evaluations done by either International Education Research Foundation (IERF) or Span Tran. Note that BYU-Idaho uses these services in a joint agreement with BYU, BYU-Hawaii, and LDS Business College. Therefore, many of the references on these organizations' websites will refer to BYU and not specifically to BYU-Idaho, even though BYU-Idaho is included in the evaluation service agreement.

Choosing alternate evaluations may result in additional fees and a delay in the assessment. We suggest that you arrange for your academic documents to be submitted to IERF or SpanTran 4-6 weeks before our admission application deadline in order to allow enough time for the company to submit the evaluation to CES.

If you have completed less than 24 college semester credit hours, please have your high school (secondary education) records, as well as any college work completed outside the United States, submitted for evaluation; if you have 24 college semester credit hours or more completed outside the United States, you will only need to submit your college work for evaluation.

CES schools' preferred agency is the International Education Research Foundation (IERF). Please select the "Detail Report" option.

More About IERF
SpanTran has a website for all CES schools.  Follow the instructions to apply for a course analysis of your non-U.S. transcripts.

More About SpanTran
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International Students with 90+ Credits

International students with 90 or more credits at a U.S. college or university are not eligible to apply for study on campus. This includes credits earned through BYU-Idaho online, Pathway, and Institute. We encourage students in this situation to continue their education through the Online program, offered through our partnership with BYU Pathway Worldwide.

International students with 90 or more credits who previously studied on campus at BYU-Idaho are eligible to reapply.

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BYU-Idaho University Credit Transfer Equivalency

Once admitted to BYU-Idaho, your university credits will need to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. Please check the international transfer credit site for more Information.

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