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About BYU-Idaho

A group of Students in the I-Center, smiling at the camera before the devotional

Located on the rising hills of Rexburg, Idaho, BYU-Idaho offers a unique educational experience that combines innovative, individual learning and lifelong spirituality and leadership.

13,000 Returned Missionaries

23,000+ Students on Campus Every Semester

132 YSA Wards and 11 Stakes

27 BYU-Idaho Average Class Size

“The people here have treated all they had as the Lord’s and always counted it as enough. And they have used it as if it was the offering of the poorest widow to her Lord and to His kingdom ... Because of that faithful obedience and sacrifice, I certify the Lord has poured out His Spirit here.”
–President Henry B. Eyring, BYU-Idaho President 1971–77
Drone aerial photo of the Spori Building and BYU-Idaho campus.
Thomas E. Ricks Gardens just before sun down
Photo features the aerial ropes course at BYU-Idaho.
Courts in the gym at BYU-Idaho
Benson Greenhouse at night
New BYU-Idaho signs on campus.  Corner of South Center Street and 7th South. The Rexburg temple in the background.
“BYU-Idaho has taught me how to belong. I have been reminded of my value and potential every day in my classes and through the activities and organizations offered. My classes help me stretch myself, the societies help me apply what I’ve learned and the organizations help me to continue to want to learn. It is not only a university it is a place to come and belong.”
–Aubrey Christiansen, from California studying Communications
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BYU-Idaho Ranked #1 in Nation Based On Relative Economic Value

You can get your dream job with a BYU-Idaho education—and with less debt. A BYUI degree lets you pursue your dream career and start earning money right after graduation.

Discover the Value of BYU-Idaho

Semester Tuition & Costs Comparison with Neighboring Schools

Average Cost of Attendance* BYU-Idaho Idaho Utah Nationally
Tuition in State $2,328 $4,326 $3,877 $5,331
Tuition out of State $2,328 $13,749 $11,708 $11,815
Housing & Food $2,534 $4,786 $4,243 $9,310
Books $275 $579 $438 $625
TOTAL IN STATE $5,137 $9,690 $8,557 $15,266
TOTAL OUT OF STATE $5,137 $19,114 $16,389 $21,750

Average Idaho cost is calculated from ISU, BSU, and U of I. Average Utah cost is calculated from UVU, USU, U of U, and SUU. National average from U.S. News Best Colleges. The figures above are up-to-date as of January 10, 2024.

Compare the range of expenses a student, living on or off-campus, may incur.
BYU-Idaho offers hundreds of scholarships for incoming and current students.

Three Track System

BYU-Idaho operates year-round with three distinct 14-week semesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each student is admitted to a track consisting of two semesters: Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, or Spring/Fall.

Learn More About the Tracks

Circle divided into three parts. Two parts are highlighted, one symbolizing Spring while the other part represents Fall.


(Flex Semester: Winter)

Circle divided into three parts. Two parts are highlighted, one symbolizing Winter while the other part represents Fall.


(Flex Semester: Spring)

Circle divided into three parts. Two parts are highlighted, one symbolizing Winter while the other part represents Spring.


(Flex Semester: Fall)

Around Rexburg