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BYU-Idaho Student Life
Discover how BYU-Idaho's honor code, academic services, and student activities enrich the lives of its students and help them succeed.
Electrical Engineering student AJ Johnson working on a project.
Academic societies and support centers are created to enhance learning and understanding beyond the classroom.

Academic Societies
Academic Success and Tutoring
Academic Catalog
Band performs at a concert in the Hart auditorium
Talent workshops and performances, give students the chance to improve and showcase talents in different fields such as comedy, dance and music.

Student Talent Performances
Student Talent Workshops
Center Stage
Art Galleries
BYUI students participate in a mock interview to prepare them for job interviews.
Career Support
Career centers help students find internships, network, and prepare for their future jobs in their chosen field.

Internship and Career Services Office
Alumni Office

Disciple Leadership Conference is an opportunity to focus on becoming more Christlike through inspirational seminars, activities, food, and service.
Disciple Leadership
These activities are designed to help students gain the spiritual strength needed to become great leaders in the home, church and society.

Personal Honor
Temple Worship
girl biking in the fitness
Health & Wellness
Student health and wellness centers are made to meet the physical and emotional needs of students.

Fitness Events
Wellness Events
Counseling Services

Several students on the river stand Up Paddleboarding
Outdoor & Recreation
Students can participate in recreational activities outside campus, providing them the opportunity to explore local attractions and sites.

Outdoor Events
The male students at a service activity in the I-Center courts making blankets.
Service activities provide students the opportunity to serve in their capacity and give back to the community and church.

Service Events
Student Leadership Council
College Success Activity in the Hart Gym.
Besides sports activities and talent performances, the school holds various social events where students enjoy other activities such as country swing dance and more.

Social Events
Three flag football players try and grab their opponent's flags
Sports activities allow students to enjoy a balanced life and improve their physical well-being with various sports activities available on-campus.

Sports Events
Sports Teams