Sacred Music Series

In 1993, the University began a program of biennial commissions to LDS composers to create new religious oratorios with texts drawn from scripture. These new Sacred Music Series works have been performed in several major national venues. Building on a tradition begun in 1989 when the school commissioned Darwin Wolford's Behold, He Cometh! for its centennial celebration, the Sacred Music Series continues to contribute signifcantly to the growing body of new music works inspired by President Spencer W. Kimball when he said:

“If we strive for perfection—the best and greatest—and are never satisfed with mediocrity, we can excel. In the field of both composition and performance, why cannot someone write a greater oratorio than Handel’s Messiah? The best has not yet been composed nor produced” (Spencer W. Kimball, The Gospel Vision of the Arts, 1978).

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The latest performance was How Beautiful Upon the Mountains in 2014.

Past performances can be found by visiting the Series Perfomances Page.