The Department of Music offers merit-based awards up to full tuition. Consideration for these scholarship is based on your audition.





Percussion students must submit a recorded DVD demonstrating abilities in as many of the following categories as possible. Students may choose to perform one or more of the following at the audition site. However, the student will need to provide any instruments and/or mallets needed.


Scholarships for String players are available for music majors and non-music majors. Live audition is preferred, but recorded YouTube submissions are also acceptable.


Auditions for voice Admissions and Scholarships:

  • Sing two memorized contrasting pieces representing your best vocal ability and submit with your online application. Contrasting styles include mood, tempo and languages. Selections should demonstrate your ability to sing in a CLASSICAL style (i.e. art songs or arias).
  • Sing your best piece first. If you feel your selections do not demonstrate the limits of your range, you may choose to add vocalises at the end of your audition.
  • In addition to the items listed above, evaluation is based on your ability to sing and communicate accurately. Specific attention should be given to pitches, rhythms, dynamics and other musical elements indicated in the score.
  • Visiting campus on a campus tour is a wonderful opportunity to listen to the choirs and meet the voice teachers. However, only specially selected applicants will be invited to campus for a live scholarship audition. (Phone or Internet audition may be substituted if distance does not permit a live audition.)

* Vocal awards for continuing students and transfer students are handled somewhat differently than are awards for incoming freshmen. The vocal/choral area does not typically award scholarships to transfer students in their first semester; however, transfer students are eligible, along with all continuing students, for Choral Service Awards. Decisions about these awards are usually made several weeks before the start of each semester.