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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Home and Family is to promote and teach every element of healthy homes and families. We teach courses in; Family, Parenting, Marriage, Cooking, Sewing and Nutrition. We also offer courses in; Child Care, Professional Preschool, Culinary Arts, Home Décor, Money Management, Clothing construction, etc.

Our central aims are to:

  • Build testimonies of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the home and the family are central to the Creator's Eternal Plan
  • Teach that the care and stewardship of living, feeding, clothing, teaching, and protecting one another is but a mirror image of the care and stewardship of the Lord towards his own
  • Teach principles of the Gospel and secular truth, i.e. theories, research, philosophies, and practical skills that help strengthen the home and the family
  • Prepare students for employment, further education, and to be good mothers and fathers, husbands and wives
  • Provide students with a holistic experience in home and family education including hands-on experience, professional societies, internships, and service
  • Provide faculty with professional and spiritual development

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The department of Home and Family has the highest commitment to excellence. We teach the importance of the traditional home. We outline all courses following closely to The Family: A Proclamation to the World as set forth by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We offer hands on classes, professional societies, internships, and student teaching placements. We also offer child lab facilities to implement students learning. By doing so, they gain the opportunity to teach and serve children and be an advocate to the family.