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Bachelor of Science
Family and Consumer Sciences Extension (B.S.)
The FCS Extension degree prepares students to work in the cooperative extension system as Family and Consumer Sciences Agents or Educators.
Trevor Rowe teaches his class, "Infant and Toddler."
Gain Hands-On Experience
Prepare to work as family and consumer sciences educators and obtain a master’s degree. In this area of study, you will become proficient in common FCS knowledge through projects and exams. You will get to create curriculum for youth and adults depending on the needs of the community, and communicate content to stakeholders and leaders.

You will have the opportunity to teach important aspects of the home and family to those in a variety of circumstances and different ages. Prepare to teach in programs such as 4-H and other community groups. Your main purpose is to provide education that will improve the quality of living for families and individuals. You will get to work to educate those in aspects of life that are most important and through that see those you teach improve their quality of life.

Family and Consumer Sciences Education, formerly known as Home Economics, is a program for students who plan to teach Family and Consumer Sciences at the middle school, junior high, high school, or post-secondary levels. Family and Consumer Sciences Education directly addresses the needs of individuals, families, and consumers. Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences can directly impact the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the welfare of society and help to shape the future in a very direct way.

Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Extension have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in
Guidance Counselor
Assist students in areas of academic achievement, personal or social development, and career exploration. Guidance counselors assist students identify personal goals for their life in becoming an adult. They assist students to guide and develop plans to succeed academically and in other aspects of life.
Youth Development Officer
A youth development officer works with youth to help them discover their interests and abilities. They may coordinate career days, field trips, mentorship sessions, and more. They work to make sure youth are able to explore a range of possibilities for their future.
Family Nutrition and Health Agent
Family nutrition and health agents work with families and others in the community to promote healthy food practices. They may coordinate, develop, and facilitate food nutrition education in the community in encouraging participates to make healthy choices. They may also assist in public assistance programs for families and individuals.

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