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Bachelor of Science
Marriage and Family Studies (B.S.)
Marriage and Family Studies prepares students to learn about the family and what creates strong and healthy family relationships. Students choose an emphasis related to the family that they want to focus on, choosing from Child & Family Advocacy, Human Services, or Parent & Family Education.
Marriage & Family
Gain Hands-On Experience
The family is an essential part of God’s plan for His children. Working in this field is a great opportunity to help support this important aspect of God’s plan. Students will be able to study the family and help others improve their family relationships, as well as improving the student’s own family relationships. Students can also work with those who have experienced abuse or neglect and help them in the ways they need.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage and Family Studies prepares students to understand the dynamics of healthy and strong families and to work in a wide range of human service professions, especially those servicing children, youth, and families. The major has a strong applied focus. In addition, the department teaches courses designed to strengthen student's testimonies in the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach doctrines and skills to help maintain and strengthen the home as the most effective place of instruction, and provide a well-balanced education for teaching the importance of home and family.

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Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Marriage and Family Studies have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Foster Care Worker
Work with many different children and adolescents who have been put in foster care for reasons such as abuse, neglect, or criminal activity. Work with children in foster care and families they may be staying with.
Social Worker
Social workers work with many different clients, including couples and families, victims of violence, those suffering from addiction, children, and many others. Social workers can work one-on-one with clients, such as school social workers working with students to cope with issues in the home, or larger clients such as researchers and data analysts.
Marriage and Family Therapist
In this career, therapists work with couples, individuals, and families in resolving issues in family relationships. Therapists take into account family roles and how it may affect the client’s mental health. Marriage and Family Therapists can also help clients who are experiencing death of a family member, or even divorce.

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