The following is a summary of the University's current policy regarding accounting for and tracking fixed asset capital equipment, and operating equipment. For further instruction, go to Please be aware of these policies as you fill out Purchasing Requisitions or otherwise deal with University-owned equipment. Questions can be directed to the fixed asset specialist at extension 1991.

If you wish to make changes to your current list, complete the  Capital Equipnment  Changes Request Form.

Object Code 8400

"Capital Equipment/Fixed Asset" -  over $5,000 - All equipment having a total dollar value of $5,000 or more per unit (including all parts on the initial purchase) should be charged to this object code. Numbered bar code tags will be attached to these items.

Object Code 8300

"Operating Equipment/Fixed Asset Inventory" - Two classes of items should be charged to this account:

  1. Equipment costing between $500 - $5,000 per unit which is  readily susceptible to theft (able to be carried away by one person, and has value in a residential environment) such as:
    • Classroom/Lab equipment such as microscopes or drills
    • Sewing machines, sergers, typewriters
    • Cameras and/or projectors
    • Musical instruments
    • Paintings, sculptures, etc.
    • Electronic equipment
  2. The following computer equipment regardless of cost:
    • Monitors
    • CPUs
    • Network Printers

Numbered bar code tags will be attached to these items and inventoried annually.

Object Code 8350

"Operating Equipment/Non-Inventory" - This object code should be used for purchases of equipment items that do not fall into one of the object codes noted above. These items may be tagged by the departments if they wish, with non-numbered "Property of BYU-Idaho" tags. To obtain these tags contact the fixed asset specialist at extension 1991.