Our professional staff of licensed psychologists and social workers provide free therapy for matriculated students, registered for a minimum of six credits, who are struggling with mental health and behavioral issues as well as unmet emotional needs. These problems may include depression, anxiety, stress management, self-esteem issues, marital conflict, eating disorders, family of origin conflict, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, sexual assault trauma, and a wide variety of other distressing issues.

During the Consultation, a counselor will work with the student to determine the most appropriate form of treatment. A workshop, individual, group, or couples counseling may be recommended. If medication is indicated, the counselor can refer to the Student Health Center or to the Counseling Center physician. Students will be expected to regularly attend sessions that are scheduled and an active effort to work during the counseling sessions and between sessions will bring the greatest benefits and results to the student.


Anything discussed with a counselor will be held in strict confidence. No information concerning a student or their treatment will be released to any persons outside the Counseling Center unless the student signs a  Release of Counseling Information form, or it is sought through an appropriate court order, or the release of information is required by law.