Earn BYU-Idaho College Credit While in High School

BYU-Idaho has opened all its courses to qualified high school students. You can choose to enroll in and attend online courses or, if your circumstances allow, you can attend classes on campus. You can earn "general education" credits before you leave high school. This could put you well on your way to completing an Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree and help you graduate from college in less time and with huge savings!

High School Grade Level

  • You must be in your junior or senior year of high school and at least 16 years old to be eligible for BYU-Idaho Concurrent Enrollment.

Academic Preparation

  • While good grades in concurrent enrollment can help with college admissions, bad grades can hurt! Doing well in concurrent enrollment classes can show college admission personnel that you're ready for college-level work, but be sure you're ready for the rigors of concurrent enrollment courses.

Cost of Courses

  • If you take any courses on campus, you are considered a campus student. If you take all your courses online, you are considered an online student. On-campus students' cost per credit hour is $65 and online students' cost per credit hour is $30.

Save money on college credit

  • If you complete 15 credits through concurrent enrollment, and use those credits towards your college graduation, you will save thousands of dollars! This is because:
    • Concurrent enrollment courses are less expensive. 
    • You don't have the other costs associated with being "in college".
    • You can graduate from college early and start earning a great income.

Plan Ahead

It can be hard to think that far down the road while you're still in high school. But, the decisions you make now can bless you and your family in the future. 

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