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Women's Advisory Council

On Campus Resources

Academic Advising is home to the Advising, Career Services, and Internships Offices. Students majoring in interdisciplinary studies, university studies, or who have not declared a major may receive academic advising here.
Several centers and programs are available including the Math Study Center, Study Skills Assessment, Writing Center, Reading Center, Presentation Practice Center, English Transitional Center, Tutoring Center, and Academic Transitions.
The Counseling Center assists students in identifying and resolving emotional, mental, and interpersonal problems that interfere with well-being. Therapists can provide psycho-education on mental health topics for the purpose of information and prevention.
The dean of students is positioned to encourage student development, help connect students with available resources and services on campus, and address any student issues, concerns, or needs.
The Student Health Center is founded on priorities of health, healing, and education while staffed by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses trained in primary-care medicine. Students and their dependents can be treated at the Health Center for most common conditions and may seek referrals to specialists as needed.
Human Resources specializes in student employment, university employment and benefits, and employee relations including employee/employer concerns, productivity, and employment discrimination.
Disability Services seeks to provide qualified students with disabilities equal access and reasonable accommodations appropriate to their disability in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The university makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities within the scope of existing laws.
Dedicated spaces are available on campus to accommodate nursing mothers (121B Manwaring Student Center, 279E BYU-Idaho Center, 282A Kimball Administration Building). Four additional rooms feature a door with a privacy lock, seating, and access to a power outlet (230 Benson Building, 219 Kirkham Building, 291 Smith Building, and 320D Science & Technology Building; contact Human Resources at 208-496-1700 to request access).
The Security & Safety Office provides services that help maintain a peaceful, secure, and safe campus environment. Services include vehicle lockouts and battery jumpstarts on university-owned property, approved campus building access, and safety escorts to on-campus or off-campus housing, within one block.
The Title IX Office addresses reported violations of the university's Sexual Misconduct Policy, including dating and domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual assault or related offenses. The Title IX coordinators are available to answer questions, provide training on these issues, and explain any questions related to the policy.
The Student Activities Program provides students opportunities to learn and grow by taking action in a setting that allows them to develop the best and most capable versions of themselves. A variety of activities and events are available for students to get involved in leadership or volunteer service.
The Tutoring Center serves students who desire help beyond their regular classroom instruction. Individual, group and walk-in sessions are available. Tutors are chosen from students who succeed academically in courses for which they tutor, have completed a tutor-training program, and have been approved by the department.
The University Women's Association exists to provide ways for women employees to become acquainted with each other and establish unity between campus departments. The Association also supports the furthering of education for women employees by providing tuition grants.
The Student Activities Wellness Center provides services such as nutrition analysis, blood lipid profiles and body composition tests. The Center hosts programs such as Fit4Life, designed to help students, student spouses and university employees reach their personal health and fitness goals.
The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Match Society provides female students an opportunity to gather and be mentored by professional women in science industries. Activities include service projects, gatherings, study groups, and other applicable activities.