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National Tests

Information provided for students about national tests such as Pre-Nursing Exam, Automotive Services Exam, Law School Exam program, and others.
This is the exam that you will take to apply for the nursing program here at BYU-Idaho. Register for the HESI.
BYU-Idaho offers proctoring services for the automotive service excellence exam. Contact the Testing Center for more information and to schedule a time to come in and take the exam. Register for an ASE exam.
The BYU-Idaho Testing Center offers the CLEP (see what is accepted at BYU-Idaho). For preparation tips, visit the College Board Preparing for CLEP website. For a current list of which tests qualify for BYU-Idaho credit, access this site through records and registration.  Register for a CLEP exam.
All scheduling, payments and information for the GMAT can be found at
The Law School Admission Test is a half-day test for those preparing to enter law school in the United States or Canada. The test is broken up into five different sections, each section is 35 minutes in length. The test will be offered 4 times per year with many schools requiring that the test be taken in December. It is advised that the test be taken early in the year to be prepared. Register to take the LSAT.
BYU-Idaho offers the Praxis teaching licensing certification tests in both the computer-based and paper/pencil based formats.  Register and prepare for tests.

The BYU-Idaho Testing Center is an authorized Pearson VUE testing site providing innovative computer-based testing solutions for certification and select professional licensure exams. Pearson VUE provides a list of available certification tests for a wide variety of disciplines and programs.

The BYU-Idaho Testing Center is a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers. As a member, we are happy to open our doors to you to take any test. Here's a basic guide to help you schedule and take your test here at BYU-Idaho.

  • Call us at 208-496-1760 or e-mail us at to schedule a time and let us know about the test you will be taking (i.e., who will be sending it, the test format, where the results will be sent, etc.).
  • Contact the professor, institution, or organization responsible for the test and let them know you wish to take it here, at BYU-Idaho. Our website may be used for contact and test administration information.
  • Confirm with us that everything has been taken care of a few days before taking your test.
  • Show up and take your test. (We do not charge any test fees).

When you finish your test, we will send it back to the professor, institution, or organization responsible for the test. You will need to contact them for your grade.