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Student Teaching Preparation Process

Preparation Process Due Dates

Target Student Teaching Semester

Preparation Process Due Date

Winter 2025

July 15th, 2024

Fall 2025

February 5th, 2025

Student Teaching Placements will not be considered until all preparation requirements have been met. (See due dates above.)

Preparation Process
1. Grad Plan Approval
2. Notice of Intent
3. Statement of Intent
4. Cover Letter
5. Resume
6. Graduation Review
1. Grad Plan Approval
2. Notice of Intent
3. Statement of Intent
4. Cover Letter
5. Resume
6. Graduation Review
1. Grad Plan Approval
2. Notice of Intent
3. Statement of Intent
4. Cover Letter
5. Resume
6. Graduation Review
Grad Plan Approval
Students will work with their Academic Advising Center (AAC) to approve their Grad Plan and ensure that they have declared the correct student teaching semester.

Use the Grad Planner tool connected with 
I-Plan to create and submit your Grad Plan for approval.

Students must email a screenshot of their approved grad plan to

Notice of Intent
The Notice of Intent allows a student to declare their target student teaching semester. A student will not be allowed to student teach until they have submitted a Notice Of Intent form.
  • Complete the Notice of Intent online form below.
  • Click "Grad Plan Approved" on Notice of Intent once you have sent our office your approved plan screenshot.

Notice of Intent Form
Statement of Intent
A Statement of Understanding informs you that you must have all coursework, testing, and preparation process work complete before you will be allowed to student teach in your desired semester.
  • Read, sign and submit the Statement of Understanding which is included in the link for the Notice of Intent.
Cover Letter
Each students Cover Letter will be given to those interviewing you for consideration of your student teaching placement. It may also be shared with mentor teachers during student teaching or in practicum experiences prior to student teaching.

  • Create a Cover Letter using the resources found below.
  • Email your finished cover letter to Student Teaching Services OR upload in the Notice of Intent Process.
Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Templates
Your resume will accompany, and be shared with, the same individuals as your cover letter.
  • Please use the Resume Sample (found below) to create your resume.
  • Email your finished resume to the Student Teaching Services Office ( OR upload in the Notice of Intent Process.
After processing your Cover Letter and Resume, Student Teaching Services will return both files as a PDF document to you. Save and retain this document for use in your Student Teaching Interviews.

Resume Example
Mandatory Graduation Review
Meet with the Academic Advising Office to verify that you have completed all required coursework before you start student teaching. When you contact Advising, let them know you are completing a required "Graduation Review" for Student Teaching Services. All coursework must be completed before you can be eligible for student teaching. Student Teaching Services will contact the Academic Advising Office to confirm that you have met with them and are eligible to start student teaching.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

Background Check/Fingerprinting

*NOTE: Our office will email you letting you know when you need to be fingerprinted. You are responsible to call our office to schedule an appointment. In other words, this part of the process is not due the same day as the Preparation Process.*

A male and a female student converse across a desk.

Fingerprints are good for 3 years. If you have been fingerprinted in the state you will be teaching in, you still must be fingerprinted for the State of Idaho.

  • Regardless of intended destination for student or career teaching, All Education majors must be fingerprinted for The State of Idaho.
  • Fingerprinting is completed in the Student Teaching Services Office. Fingerprinting office hours are M-F 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. By appointment only. Call (208) 496-4140 or email us at
  • Bring with you a government-issued ID. (Driver's license, state-issued photo ID, passport, military ID with photo, etc.)

If you are student teaching in Utah you will be asked to complete a second set of fingerprints. This will occur after you have applied and have been assigned.