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Resolving Conflict

two roommates talking

It can be tough living with others and conflict is bound to occur. Managing conflict and roommate issues appropriately, however, can strengthen your relationship. Review and strive to apply the following tips when conflict or tension exists.

Get all the facts icon
Get all the Facts
Don't overreact and be careful to not jump to conclusions.
Listen to understand icon
Listen to Understand
Focus 100% on the other person as they speak. Don't think about what you want to say next.
Address issues early icon
Address Issues Early
Don’t allow negative feelings to fester by putting off important conversations.
Be clear icon
Be Clear
Avoid ‘dancing around the issue.’ Be clear when expressing your feelings and presenting your perspective.
Be Kind, Respectful, and Resourceful icon
Be Kind and Respectful
Kindness and compassion are essential. If you don’t have good feelings about a roommate, you can still be respectful and kind.

If the conflict and/or tension persists, don’t get discouraged and give up. Keep trying! A good faith effort combined with genuine love can heal hearts and inspire forgiveness.

Let's Practice

Watch the following videos and try to put yourself in the shoes of each individual.

Questions and Action Items to Consider

  • How would you want to be treated as each individual in the videos?
  • When conflict arises, what will you do to address it in a way that can ultimately strengthen your relationship with roommates?
  • Most conflicts can be averted through a proactive approach to roommate relations and apartment guidelines. Visit the Roommate Council page and study all the content. Then, hold a roommate council.