The Following are a list of optional AIDS training courses for students that are licensing in Washington or California. These can be taked by students independently before they license in those states. Please note that these are not the only resources, you may find others on your own.

  • Washington State Department of Health
  • CEUfast 
  • Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc
  • OnCourse Learning Healthcare

Common Questions

What is the FDSCI 2XX/elec listed on the course sequence chart?

Because FDSCI 2XX level courses will be fulfilled through BIO courses required for the program they will need to be replaced by elective courses.

Do I have to follow the course sequence chart exactly?

No. As labeled it is only a suggested course sequence. However, Semester 1-4 courses must be complete before beginning the core nursing sequence in semesters 5-8.

Can I defer for a mission once I'm accepted into the nursing program?

No. Semesters 5-8 are consecutive and track overrides will be applied with no deferments accepted.

What are the uniform requirements in the nursing program?

The BYU-Idaho Nursing uniform is to be worn when the student is in any clinical practice site including the clinical learning lab or the clinical simulation suite. It is the student's responsibility to be appropriately groomed and attired for clinical practice experiences in accordance with the BYU-I honor code standard.  

Pre-licensure Students:  The basic uniform is specified by the department and must be purchased from the BYU-Idaho Bookstore.  *Shoes must be sturdy, closed-toe, and non-skid and may be white or black in color.  
Nametags: On-campus students are expected to obtain a Department of Nursing nametag from the I-Card office in KIM 130.  Nametags must be worn by all BYU-Idaho nursing students when in a clinical practice setting.
Jewelry and Grooming:
  • A plain watch with a second hand is required.  
  • Simple wedding bands may be worn.
  • Earrings must be removed during clinical experiences.
  • Hair is to be pulled back with a simple tie.  Ornate hair accessories are not to be worn with the uniform.
  • Men should be clean shaven.
  • Fingernails must be clean and short. No nail polish, silk or acrylic wraps, or extensions to natural nails.
  • Students should bathe daily. Deodorants should be used. No scented oils, creams, perfumes, after shaves, etc.
  • Tattoos must be covered.