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ROTC Training Events

During your time in the ROTC program, you will have the opportunity to participate in many different training events, several of which are required for commissioning.

Ranger Challenge

ROTC student army crawling west of R Mountain.

Ranger Challenge is the most challenging, competitive, and esteemed program you can compete in while in ROTC. In fact, it is often referred to as the ROTC Varsity Sport. Only the best Cadets compete and earn a place on the Ranger Challenge Team, which go on to compete with other colleges and universities in events including:
-Army Physical Fitness Test
-Land Navigation
-Casualty Care Under Fire
-Weapons Maintenance
-One-Rope Bridge
-Sapper Challenge
-Grenade Assault Course
-Leadership Reaction Course
-Weapons Qualification
8-Mile Foot March


BYU-Idaho ROTC Cadets utilize the Ropes Course in order to build confidence within each squad.

All Viking Battalion Cadets receive in-class training on the fundamentals of rappelling. Each individual will have the opportunity to practice the skills in the field. Unlike the type of rappelling that is typically done in the civilian world, Cadets do not use commercial harnesses, but fashion their own "swiss seat" out of triple strand braided 7/16'' diameter line.

Combat Water Survival

Cadets' doing water survival training with there uniforms on.

The Cadets of the Viking Battalion participate in the Army Combat Water Survival Training (CWST).

  • 50 Meter Swim
  • 25 Meter Rifle Swim
  • Equipment Ditch
  • Water Treading
  • 5 Meter Drop

This training is designed to ensure that cadets have the fundamental water survival skills necessary to lead soldiers and survive on the battlefield.

Field Training Exercises (FTX)

A group of cadets doing a field training exercise.

Twice a year, the Viking Battalion embarks on a Field Training Exercise. These three-day training exercises are designed to ensure Cadets learn the soldier skills that cannot be taught on campus.

Cadets are immersed in a tactical environment that include many skills taught in the classroom. The events include:

  • Land Navigation
  • Squad Tactical Exercises (STX Lanes)
  • Patrolling