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ROTC Fitness Training

Physical training

Physical Training (PT) is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 0630–0730. It is designed to develop muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Exercises usually include running, push-ups, sit-ups, and possibly sports. The student will be responsible for doing PT on his/her own during the rest of the week. This allows students to alter their personal PT schedule to fit their own individual academic schedule. This also allows students to vary their PT according to their own personal fitness needs.

Army Physical Fitness Test

Members of BYU-Idaho's ROTC program perform practice missions in abandoned housing development buildings.

Each month, a diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test will be administered to determine the level of fitness of the student and determine if he/she is improving. This system allows everyone to improve their conditioning at their own pace while boosting self-confidence.

The test consists of three events; a two-mile run, two minutes of sit-ups, and two minutes of pushups. To see the scoring charts for each event, please visit the below links:

Push-Up Event
Sit-Up Event
Two-Mile Run

Extra Military Training

Cadets may apply to attend volunteer training such as Airborne, Air Assault, and Mountain Warfare courses. Other Cadets may participate in leadership internships with various military units around the world. These additional training opportunities allow Cadets to further their knowledge and better prepare them for commissioning as a Second Lieutenant.

Clubs and Activities

ROTC training
ROTC offers the opportunity to participate in the Ranger Challenge Team or the Scabbard and Blade Honor Society. Each of these organizations offers diverse opportunities and experiences that allow Cadets to pursue their interests. All clubs are run by Cadets, allowing the students to have primary input concerning their activities.
In addition to the clubs available, we conduct the Color Guard for all home football games and fire the cannon each time the Bronco Football team scores.
Leadership Labs
Leadership labs are held every Thursday for two hours during the semester. This is an opportunity for Cadets to apply classroom lessons to a hands-on training environment. Lab topics include Army training such as:
-Military customs and courtesies
-Land navigation
-Basic tactics
-First aid
Additional lab topics may include delivering operations orders to a unit (public speaking) or using Internet resources for military purposes. Whatever the day's lesson, it is sure to challenge and enrich the individual.