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ROTC Lifelong Friendships

As a college student, the ROTC program will provide you with a vast network of mentors and friends. The members of the United States Military care for each other on a level unparalleled by any other organization.
When you join the ROTC program, you'll be a member of a team and immediately enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of other students. This friendship, strengthened by the purpose that you share, will last a lifetime.
CDT Rickenbach and CDT Yakana take a selfie aboard the Blackhawk.
"We’re almost like brothers; we’re so tight."
Brian Becktel, BYU-Idaho ROTC, Class of 2019
Students in ROTC meet with airforce pilots for a drill operation.
Four ROTC cadets smile while eating hotdogs on the BYU-Idaho campus.
CDT School gets ready to float down the river for an ROTC Waterborne Operation.