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Bachelor of Science
Business Management: Marketing (B.S.)
Marketing students learn how business marketing operates by exploring the best marketing strategies in digital advertising and sales and how to reach target audiences.
Social Work practice class taught by Grover Wray.
Share and Research Your Passion
Discover the ins and outs of digital marketing, advertising, and professional sales. Marketing courses focus on building specific skills to help students contribute effectively in a future career. Skills include researching target audiences, creating customer personas, and effectively using technology to build a business's brand and generate exposure.

Every industry today relies on digital marketing. Marketing students develop an essential voice in companies to help them understand their customers better and showcase services and products to meet customer needs best.

Highlighted Career Paths

Business Management Marketing graduates can explore a wide variety of careers in marketing with many rewarding benefits. Check out some of the top careers for business marketing or explore more options in I-Plan.
Marketing Manager
Marketing managers collect and analyze marketing data to form marketing strategies and business campaigns. They oversee marketing performance, target audience research, and product demand.
Market Research Analyst
Research and analyze consumer and competitive data to give companies insights on what to sell, how, and who to sell it to.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
SEO specialists work closely with marketing teams to correct and implement digital marketing strategies based on how customers search the internet for services and products. They assist companies in improving web exposure and website traffic.

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