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Know Your Housing Contract

Watch a series of videos to better understand your housing contract.

Housing Disputes

Sometimes students and landlords or their managers have disagreements. When this happens, students should refer to their contract and discuss their concerns with their landlord or manager. This video teaches students how to resolve disputes and what options are available to them if a problem with their housing goes unresolved.

Understanding Housing Costs

There are a lot of options for student housing and choosing one that fits your budget can be a difficult task. This video describes and defines the potential housing costs that are not included with your rent so that students can make the best decision on deciding where to live.

How to Sell My Contract

This video is about how to sell your housing contract. Sometimes your housing plans change and you do not want to be stuck with a contract that you may no longer want or use. In this video, you will learn important strategies and requirements for effectively selling your contract.

Housing Security Deposit

Housing contracts are often difficult to understand. But when you do you can navigate them to your advantage. Watch this short video to learn how to protect and secure your security deposit.