All single students under the age of 27 are required to live in approved housing. This includes:
  1. Individuals who are matriculating BYU-Idaho students (degree-seeking and admitted to a track).
  2. Students who are off-track and continue to live in the immediate Rexburg area.

Note: The landlord assumes full responsibility to ensure all tenants meet these qualifications prior to allowing a contract to be signed. For details on verifying eligibility, please see Appendix B.

Students who lose eligibility to live in approved housing must move out within 72 hours. This includes:
  1. Students who have been dismissed for a Student Honor violation or evicted for violations of the BYU-Idaho Student Landlord Housing Contract and/or BYU-Idaho Apartment Living Standards.
  2. Students who are on Academic Suspension.
  3. Students who have lost their student status for any reason.
Those who do not qualify to live in approved housing are:
  1. Individuals who have not been officially admitted to BYU-Idaho or who come to Rexburg prior to their assigned track.
  2. Students who are married.
  3. Single students who qualify as a family (have dependent children or are legal guardians of dependent children).
  4. Widows or widowers.
  5. Students who are divorced (exceptions to this particular disqualifier may be granted through the Housing and Student Living Office).
Summer Session and Off-Track Students
Matriculating single students who attend summer session classes or are off-track and continue to live in the immediate Rexburg area are required to live in BYU-Idaho approved housing.