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Emergencies at BYU-Idaho

This is a place to go in case of an emergency where you can get more information


A guide on how the BYU-Idaho community can prepare for and respond to campus emergencies.
Rexburg and the surrounding area have experienced flood emergencies as recent as 2014. Follow these procedures if there is a flood.
Severe stormy weather poses many threats that can affect travel, communication, and physical safety.
Be aware of hygiene and health hazards and learn how to prevent illness.
Follow these procedures in the case of bomb threats, online threats, and riots on campus.
Learn about procedures if there is a power outage or utility failure during a disaster.
Hazardous substances create extremely dangerous situations if not handled correctly.
Fires can spread quickly. Know what to do to respond in the right way.
Idaho is a semi-active earthquake zone. Any action taken before, during, and immediately following an earthquake might mean the difference between life and death.
Students, faculty, and staff should know how to protect themselves if an active shooter is on campus.
Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Security: 208-496-3000

Student Health Center: 208-359-3000

Rexburg Fire Dept: 208-359-3010

Student Health Center: 208-496-9330

Madison Memorial Hospital: 208-359-6900

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