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Physical Assault Emergency

Learn how to prevent physical assault and what to do if you are physically assaulted.

Prepare to Prevent Physical Assault

Physical assault and robbery can cause physical or emotional injury and might leave a victim with trauma. To prevent assault be sensible, alert, and avoid situations that might harm your safety. If you are assaulted, the most important factor is to get out alive. Follow these procedures to assure your safety.

What to Do if You are Assaulted or Robbed

  1. Stay calm and relaxed—tell yourself it will be okay. 
  2. Cooperate. Give the person exactly what he or she asked for, nothing more. 
  3. Remember distinguishing traits:
  • Color of clothing, hat or no hat, beard or mustache, race, approximate height, weight, and age.  
  • Notice the type of weapon used.  
  • Listen carefully to voice characteristics and to what is said.  
  • Note direction of travel or flight after the confrontation.  
  • Check vehicle type and license number is possible.  

4. Get to safe place. Call someone you trust who can be with you. 
5. Notify the Security Office (208) 496-3000or dial 911 immediately. 


Prevent Robbery and Assault
Personal safety tips to avoid physical assault and robbery.