There are many resources available to employers seeking to post job openings. Handshake is a database that lists jobs, internships, and career positions posted by businesses, companies, and organizations. University policy restricts some positions from being posted in this database or on campus bulletin boards.

Direct Sales and Temporary Employment are NOT approved to be posted on Handshake. Direct Sales include door-to-door industry regardless of location, responsibility, or position. (ex. Alarm systems, pest control, satellite, kiosk/mall sales). Temporary Employment includes task-based, remedial positions; typically one-time needs. (ex. Nannies, housekeepers, lawn care, painting, deliveries, temp labor).

Community Members: if you would like to post a local, temporary or personal service position, please contact the Academic Advising to see about adding your position to our  Help-Wanted page. Positions accepted include personal service (painting, childcare, yard work, etc) and other part-time or temporary positions that can be filled by a student.

Off-Campus Job Posting Resources

If you need alternative methods to advertise your position to students, there are several resources available to you for job postings.

Off-Campus Jobs

Contact Information

LDS Employment

208.523.4480 or  208.359.1446

Idaho Department of Labor (Job Service)

208.577.2501 or

Express Personnel

208.529.2661 or

Gem State Staffing


Elwood Staffing

208-522-2300 or

BYU-I Scroll