Regarding internships for the Art Department, here is a list about the requirements for internships to count for credit and some steps to complete in order to be authorized to add the online class during your actual internship experience (note: we now use the  i-plan system to apply, but there should be instructions on the site for this) you can email questions and details about your internship to fulfill the requirement of "meeting with the internship advisor" as long as you read carefully and understand what follows:


  1. All students need to complete all Freshman and Sophomore classes before starting their internship. Graphic design students must have successfully completed the Art 130, 230 and 235 classes beforeapplying for an internship. Other majors within the Art Dept. must consult with a faculty in their area of emphasis for specific prerequisites (some are required to have completed Art 110 etc.).

Duration/Timing of Internship Experience:

  1. You must work a minimum of 100 hours for each credit hour you sign up for. You may continue to work beyond that amount as long as you meet your credit hour requirement.
  2. You must work at least 7 consecutive weeks.
  3. Internships can fall outside the traditional semester timeline. (Meaning they can start or end before or after a semester starts or ends)
  4. Internships can be completed up to one full semester after a students' last semester of coursework at BYU-Idaho.
  5. Generally, internships shouldn't extend too much beyond a typical semester timeline (about 14 weeks). In order to comply with our 3 track system, taking more than 1 semester off at a time could be detrimental to a students graduation plan.

Internship Experience Requirements:

  1. Internships can be paid OR unpaid.
  2. You must work in the field you are studying (Illustrators should find an illustration internship, graphic designers must find a design internship etc.) No copy spot internships or disneyland janitorial internships etc.
  3. You must work on-site. No remote or online internships are permitted.
  4. You must be physically supervised by a professional with a Bachelor's degree in your area of emphasis AND who has at least 5 years professional experience in the field. (Freelance jobs, or work for hire by non designers/artists do not qualify as internship experiences) Exceptions to this will need to be approved by a faculty from your area of emphasis.

Finding Your Internship:

  1. BYU Idaho lists internship opportunities on the Career Navigator System. For more information see (feel free to contact the Academic Discovery Center to learn how to list an internship or alter a listing on our Career Navigator System  (208) 496-9870).  
  2. 2. Students may want to consult with multiple faculty in their area of emphasis for additional leads or suggestions on possible internship experiences. It is wise to select a city or geographical area as a starting point based upon available housing etc. Other options include looking at national internships for your specific area of emphasis see:

On-Campus Internships:

  1. Consider the purpose of an internship experience. Students typically report a much richer and deeper experience when serving in a legitimate internship outside of the university campus environment. Internships are meant to provide learning opportunities and experience students are unable to get on-campus. Consider this carefully when choosing your internship experience. We advise students to only choose an on-campus internship when circumstances prevent an off-campus option (such as a spouse being on-track during your scheduled internship, or pregnancy, financial circumstances etc.)  
  2. For a list of approved On-Campus internships, please contact the Academic Discovery Center Internship office:

How to Apply:

  1. Consult with the Internship Coordinator BEFORE completing your online internship application and before the start of your internship (Bro. Randall The coordinator will need to know that your internship meets the requirements in the Duration and Experience Requirements sections above. Please email your internship coordinator and let them know who your experience provider is, your supervisors name, their title, years experience, and degree held. Also include a brief description of what you expect to do during this internship.
  2. Once you have found a qualifying internship opportunity, your employer must register with the Career Navigator system. (contact the Academic Discovery Center for more information )
  3. Submit your online application for your internship at Once approved, you will be added or authorized to add the online Art 498R class. You are required to visit the online class at the start of the semester the bulk of your internship spans and read the syllabus and all course requirements carefully. Requirements include: keeping a daily blog, updating your resume, requesting a letter of recommendation from your employer, writing a summary paper after the internship and filling out online evaluations (both you and your provider).

Requirements for an Art Internship

Art 498 "Internship in the Arts" Syllabus

For questions about Art Department Internships contact our Internship coordinator:  Shawn Randall