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Student-Focused by Design

BYU-Idaho’s five educational emphases include shared values, teaching-focused faculty, real-world application, potential of every student, and high-value education.
BYU-Idaho is distinctive in the world of higher education because it is student-focused by design. That means we put student success at the heart of all we do. The fruit of this focus is found in what students accomplish and through five educational emphases.

Student Graduating
Five Educational Emphases
Shared Values
Teaching- Focused Faculty
Real-World Preparation
Potential of Every Student
High-Value Education
Students Outside
BYU-Idaho is a comfortable place to learn and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ because students, faculty, and employees share a commitment to live the gospel.
“In this special and sacred and set apart place, you and I have access to unparalleled spiritual resources that can assist us in developing and deepening our devotion as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the primary and most important reason for existence of Brigham Young University-Idaho and for its sponsorship by and affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
Elder David A. Bednar, BYU-Idaho President 1997-2004


140+ Student Wards

13 Student Stakes

1 Rexburg Temple

Inspiring Devotionals

BYU-Idaho Center Dedication with a student-filled auditorium and President Henry B. Eyring speaking at a pulpit and on a large video screen.

Gather with students, faculty, and employees for an uplifting, spiritual message at the BYU-Idaho CenteGather with students, faculty, and employees for an uplifting, spiritual message at the BYU-Idaho Center every Tuesday at 11:30 am.

College Success Course
Teaching-Focused Faculty
BYU-Idaho faculty members are experts in their respective fields who place teaching and mentoring students as their top priority. They devote more face-to-face time and individual guidance because they care most about helping you learn and succeed.
“The hallmark of this institution is readily apparent when visitors come to our campus and say, 'I can't believe how student-focused the faculty are, the staff are, all of the employees are.'... Here at BYU-Idaho, the students are and always will be the focus of everything we do.”
Elder David A. Bednar, BYU-Idaho President 1997-2004

BYU-Idaho Average Class Size


31 Students

“BYU-Idaho will continue to be teaching oriented. Effective teaching and advising will be the primary responsibilities of its faculty, who are committed to academic excellence.”
Gordon B. Hinckley, Announcement of BYU-Idaho, June 21, 2000
Noelle Rogers
Ready for Real-World Preparation
BYU-Idaho classes are designed to give you real-world experience with thousands of opportunities to participate in activities outside of the classroom. Internships and other programs are organized and led by students who valuable develop skills and confidence.

“[BYU-Idaho graduates] will be natural leaders who know how to teach and how to learn.... Those graduates of BYU-Idaho will become-and this is a prophecy that I am prepared to make and make solemnly-those graduates of BYU-Idaho will become legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve.”
President Henry B. Eyring, BYU-Idaho President 1971-77


95% of Graduates find jobs within one year*

*Among those seeking employment.

Ready to Realize My Potential
BYU-Idaho will help you discover and achieve your potential. Your passion and interests are important to your lifelong success.


A recent study1 compared BYU-Idaho students to those at other universities nationwide. For critical thinking and writing, BYU-Idaho freshman enter at the 62nd percentile, but BYU-Idaho seniors graduate at the 82nd percentile. That's a 20-point gain, one of the highest in the nation.

1 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+), 2012-2014

CHEM 105
Ready for High-Value Education
BYU-Idaho seeks to offer a high-quality education at a low cost to as many students as possible.
“BYU-Idaho will operate on an expanded year-round basis, incorporating innovative calendaring and scheduling while also taking advantage of advancements in technology which will enable the four-year institution to serve more students.”
Gordon B. Hinckley, Announcement of BYU-Idaho, June 21, 2000


Average Annual Tuition (2 Semesters)


Average Debt at Graduation

“We have a wonderful, inspired mission to build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ; to educate our students with high quality; to prepare them for the responsibilities they will face; and to create here a wholesome, righteous community in which students may thrive spiritually, intellectually, and socially.”
Photo of Elder Kim B. Clark
Elder Kim B. Clark, Commissioner of the Church Educational System

Fulfilling the Mission

Discover the prophetic mission of BYU-Idaho to develop disciples-leaders of Jesus Christ by redefining education in innovative ways and inspired teaching and learning.