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Regional Sites and Events

Learn more about Rexburg, Idaho, local and regional events, recreational sites, and demographics near BYU-Idaho.

Demographics of Rexburg, Idaho

Rexburg is the 4th fastest growing county in Idaho and has grown 21.13% from 2010- 2021.
Current Population
People ages 20-45
View of Island Park with lake in foreground and mountains and trees in the background

Island Park: 55 miles

Island park is popular for its mountain biking, off-roading, hiking and other outdoor recreational activities. There are also great places for floating, boating and kayaking at Henry's lake, Big Springs and the Island Park Reservoir.
View of Grand Tetons peaks from Badger Creek with snow-covered hills and trees in foreground

The Grand Tetons / Jackson, WY: 80 miles

Located just over the border to Wyoming, is the Grand Teton National Park with nearly 3 million tourist visiting every year. There is over 200 miles of trails, 6 lakes at the base of the Tetons alone, and eight mountain peaks reaching 12,000 feet in elevation with the highest at 13,770 feet.
Man skiing on snowy mountain slope in Targee National Park with the Grand Tetons in background

Grand Targee Resort: 60 miles

Grand Targee is most popular for it's skiing and snowboarding resort, however there are dozens of more great activities to check out year round.
A view of Yellowstone National Park with a waterfall and river flowing through a canyon

Yellowstone National Park: 50 miles

Yellowstone National Park is a national attraction with more than 4 million tourist attending the park each year. The park encompasses 2,219,789 acres and is about 3,400 miles long with attractions that include geysers and other thermal features along with a huge variety of free ranging wildlife including bear, bison, wolves, moose and more.
Aerial view of the Teton Dam with roads winding over hills the foreground

Teton Dam: 18 miles

The annual Teton Dam marathon is held every year near the anniversary of the historic breaking of the Teton Dam. Participants includes people from all over Idaho as well as BYU-Idaho students.
Night view of downtown Salt Lake City in December with the Salt Lake Temple and Christmas lights lit up in the background

Salt Lake City: 240 miles

Take a trip down to SLC and check out the large selection of shopping, recreational and commercial attractions to choose from.